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Alaska Real Estate


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Anchorage, Alaska

Badger, Alaska

College, Alaska

Fairbanks, Alaska

Juneau, Alaska

Knik-Fairview, Alaska

Lakes, Alaska

Meadow Lakes, Alaska

Tananina, Alaska

Wasilla, Alaska

Investing in Alaska Real Estate

Alaska is a unique and beautiful state that offers a wide range of real estate investment opportunities. There is something for everyone in Alaska, from natural beauty and outdoor recreation to its vibrant cities and towns. And with its growing economy, now is an ideal time to invest in Alaska real estate.

There are many reasons to invest in Alaska real estate. The state has a diversified and robust economy, thanks mainly to its oil and gas industry. It also has a growing tourism industry, attracting more visitors (and their dollars) to the state each year. And with its abundance of natural resources, Alaska is a great place to live or retire.

Living in Alaska

Living in Alaska is an experience like no other. There is much to love about this great state, from the stunning natural beauty to the friendly locals. One of the best offers about living in Alaska is the endless opportunities for outdoor activities. You can go hiking, fishing, and camping in one of the many national parks,  including Denali National Park and Preserve, Katmai National Park and Preserve, and others, during summer. How about in the winter? You can enjoy some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the country. No matter what time of year it is, there is always something to do in Alaska.

Another great thing about living in Alaska is the sense of community. Alaskans are some of the most supportive and friendly people you will ever meet. They are always willing to help out their neighbors, genuinely caring about their state. So if you are looking for a place to call home, Alaska is worth considering.

Moving to Alaska

Moving to Alaska can be a big decision. There are many things to consider, such as the cost of living, the climate, and the availability of jobs. However, there are also many things to love about Alaska, from the stunning scenery to the friendly people.

If you’re considering making a move, here are a few things to keep in mind. First, the cost of living in Alaska is high, but salaries are also generally higher than in other parts of the country. The climate can be extreme, with long winters and short summers, but this also means more daylight hours during the summer months. And finally, while it can be challenging to find a job in Alaska, there are many opportunities for those willing to work.

Moving to Alaska is a decision that should not be taken lightly. However, for those who are prepared for the challenges, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience.


List all the Counties & Populations

Alaska population in 2022 is about 731,721 and is the largest US state by area with 663,268 square miles (1,717,856 square km).

State of Alaska has 29 counties, these are:

  • Aleutians East Borough
  • Aleutians West Census Area
  • Anchorage Municipality
  • Bethel Census Area
  • Bristol Bay Borough
  • Denali Borough
  • Dillingham Census Area
  • Fairbanks North Star Borough
  • Haines Borough
  • Hoonah-Angoon Census Area
  • Juneau City and Borough
  • Kenai Peninsula Borough
  • Ketchikan Gateway Borough
  • Kodiak Island Borough
  • Kusilvak Census Area
  • Lake and Peninsula Borough
  • Matanuska-Susitna Borough
  • Nome Census Area
  • North Slope Borough
  • Northwest Arctic Borough
  • Petersburg Borough
  • Prince of Wales-Hyder Census Area
  • Sitka City and Borough
  • Skagway Municipality
  • Southeast Fairbanks Census Area
  • Valdez-Cordova Census Area
  • Wrangell City and Borough
  • Yakutat City and Borough
  • Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area

Education: Top Universities and Colleges

Top universities and colleges in Alaska are the leading institutions of learning in the state. They offer a variety of degree programs and are known for their excellent academic reputation. Many of these schools also have top research facilities, which attract leading scholars from around the world. The top universities and colleges in Alaska include the University of Alaska Anchorage, University of Alaska Fairbanks, University of Alaska Southeast, and Alaska Pacific University. These schools offer an education tailored to each student’s needs and interests. With top-notch faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and a commitment to excellence, these universities and colleges provide an exceptional education that prepares students for success in their chosen careers.

Job Market and Top Employer

Alaska can be found in the northwest region of the United States. The job market in Alaska is strong, and the top employer is the state government. From administrative positions to law enforcement and beyond, the state government has something for everyone. Other major employers include oil and gas, fishing, tourism, and mining. Therefore, the job market in Alaska is suitable for people with experience in these industries.

Things to Do and See in Alaska

Tourism in Alaska is a growing industry. With its unique landscape and wildlife, Alaska is an increasingly popular destination for tourists worldwide. From cruises and day tours to more extended stays, there are various ways to experience all that Alaska has to offer. And with its diverse cultures and heritage, tourism in Alaska is also an opportunity to learn about the state’s history and people. Whether it’s watching the northern lights or hiking through Denali National Park, tourism in Alaska offers something for everyone. So why not come and see for yourself? Experience the beauty and wonder of America’s last frontier.

Most Popular in Alaska

Most popular in Alaska is a great place to visit if you are looking for a unique and beautiful landscape. With its towering mountains, pristine glaciers, and abundant wildlife, Alaska is truly a sight. Although it is also best known for its winter activities, there is plenty to do in Alaska during the summer months. Hiking, camping, fishing, and kayaking are popular outdoor activities that visitors can enjoy.

For those looking for a more festive atmosphere, several festivals and events are held throughout the state each year. No matter your interests, you will discover something to love about the most popular in Alaska.


Alaska is well known for its cold weather, but the weather conditions in Alaska can vary greatly depending on where you are in the state. In general, the weather in Alaska is colder and harsher than in other parts of the United States, but there can be significant differences from one region to another. For instance, the weather in interior Alaska is usually colder than in coastal areas, and the weather in northern Alaska is typically more remarkable than in southern Alaska. The weather can also vary depending on the time of year.

Alaska experiences four distinct seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall. However, the length of each season can vary greatly depending on location. For example, in some parts of the state, winter may last for several months, while in other parts, it may only last for a few weeks. Despite the variability, the weather in Alaska is an essential factor to consider when planning any trip to this beautiful state.

Most Popular Person or Business in Alaska

Few notable public figures born in Alaska include Archie Van Winkle, Mario Chalmers, and Mark Schlereth.

The Medal of Honor is a prestigious award given to only one Alaskan: Archie Van Winkle. He received this distinguished medal for serving as Staff Sergeant in the Marines during the Korea War decades ago! Not only did he serve abroad during World Wars II & Vietnam but also back home at least once more when Service Sargent again from 1963 to 1967

Mario Chalmers is a professional basketball player who recently signed with a European team. He played for the NBA and has most recently been playing in Europe’s top league. In this team, he joined fellow veteran forwards like Nets teammate Joe Johnson (also from Alaska) during their time together on Memphis Grizzlies back when they were still called The Weber State University Robbers!

What name immediately comes to mind when you think of famous NFL players? For many people, it will be Mark Schlereth. He was an All-Pro guard for both the Redskins and Broncos before turning his attention from football to jump onto the screen as a sports analyst with ESPN, where he’s currently employed! Outside of work, fans can find him lending acting talents to sustaining hit soap opera “Guiding Light.”

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