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Meg Bullard I Ensemble Properties I DeRonja Real Estate

911 N West St, Raleigh, NC 27603, USA

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    Elliott Walker
    March 18, 2022

    I cannot say enough great things about Meg and the entire Ensemble team and her help finding us our dream house. My husband and I gave her a strong challenge - to find us a house in 2 months in this crazy market and she took us on and gave 200% effort toward the goal at all times. It often felt like we were her only clients (although I know for a fact this wasn't true) with the level of work she was putting in on our behalf. She was attentive, thorough and prompt with anything we asked and was willing to give an inordinate amount of time to us. I imagine all of her clients feel like they're her #1 client when they work with her. Two things really stand out to me about Meg and why we loved working with her: She always tried to "unsell" us on houses we looked at. This might sound strange for a realtor, but we really appreciated her knowledge on pros/cons of each house and things we weren't considering. It made us confident she was not going to sell us a lemon for the sake of getting a sale. We ended up with a new build, and Meg stayed with us through closing. It would have been easy for her to not invest time while we were building as that's not her "job" but Meg has so much pride in making sure her clients are happy. She was invaluable at helping us navigate a few things that came up during the build process, and a huge help to get us through closing. I would highly recommend Meg and her entire team!

    Cody Wang
    April 20, 2022

    5/5 is not enough stars, I'd go 10/10, 15/10, 100/10... Meg is hands down the absolute best broker I've ever met or worked with, and I can't say enough great things about her. I wrote a separate 5-star review for her and Ensemble as a whole, where I talked more about the logistics of our home-buying experience, and of Meg's role in getting the deal done and guiding us through the process (1 offer = 1 closing, so she got us batting 1.000!). For this review, I'll focus more on some personal impressions of Meg herself. First of all, Meg is an absolute consummate professional in all respects. She is an excellent communicator, stays on top of her emails, and is also just a phone-call or text away when urgently needed (but like us, prefers to use email for richer asynchronous communication and having longer-running threads). She is completely forthcoming and transparent, and 100% has her clients' best interests at heart. I won't go into any private details, but please know that Meg demonstrated time and again, that she would go to bat for us as her clients, even in situations where it might have cost herself to give something up. Also, with the property we purchased, there were multiple projects and issues to follow-up on, and Meg excelled as a "project manager", staying on top of multiple threads with multiple vendors/contacts, and overall she fully earned our trust that she wouldn't drop the ball on anything, and in fact that she would go over-and-above expectations (to take care of things even better than we could have done or expected for ourselves). I said it in my other review too, but I wish I could hire 100 Meg's to work on all aspects of my life, or as a people manager in my career, I could only dream of working with trustworthy and diligent people like Meg all the time! Coincidentally, Meg was also dealing with an ankle injury that made it hard to move around, but she never missed an appointment with us and she always made sure to get help or have someone cover for the things she truly couldn't do while on crutches (like getting into our crawlspace). She really puts other agents or brokers to shame, with how involved she is and how hard she works, which I fully appreciated (I almost wish she would've slowed down a little, because I actually felt bad having her work so hard for us while she was injured!). On a personal level, Meg really went out of her way to do things for us as clients (and new transplants to Raleigh), that she really did not have to do by any means. Again, I won't go into private details because sometimes these were favors that she did (and I don't want other people to take them for granted), but suffice to say that we felt like Meg was looking out for us in the way that a trusted friend would, that she offered help or shared part of her life with us like a friend would, etc. In fact, Meg if you're reading this, I hope we can stay friends! One last thing I'll mention, which is the impressions that we got from OTHER people, and their opinions of Meg. From lenders, inspectors, engineers, etc., we kept consistently hearing that they all had very high opinions of Meg, that she's tenacious and persistent, that she'll fight hard on behalf of her clients (and also takes good care of them), that she knows everyone and makes connections with everyone, that she's someone you absolutely want in your corner, etc. I think it means the world that she's earned such a high reputation, and that this same message was reinforced by multiple different people, and I absolutely 100% agree with everyone else after our own experience working with Meg.

    MA S
    January 24, 2022

    Meg, Mackenzie, and Greyson each contributed to an amazing outcome when selling my home in Raleigh's very hot real estate market. They provided excellent advice in every step of the process...from determining list price, to help with vendors to do repairs before showings, to staging, to reviewing multiple offers, and seeing everything through to closing. Meg's especially calm and encouraging presence was of significant help to me. I wish I could add a few more stars to my recommendation for Meg Bullard and Ensemble Properties!

    June 16, 2022

    We recently bought a home and we’re glad the search is over.  Thanks to Greyson and Meg for making sure the process was smooth and a great learning experience. We initially went with a realtor without doing much research. This person didn’t know much about things to look for while buying a home.  After seeing a couple houses, we realized we needed experienced realtors to go ahead with our plan. We found Greyson and Meg online and set up a call. They were great off the start, they listened to our needs, prioritized them for our liking, and then took the time to explain the entire process including what red flags to look for,  since we were interested in old homes. This showed us they were really knowledgeable and gave us the confidence in buying a old home. It was Greyson who came with us to every home we liked. His keen eye to detail and vast knowledge, not only taught us a lot, but also helped make buying decisions easy. Meg mainly worked virtually with us, and together made sure we were getting the best service and advice.They never rushed us into putting offers, always promptly addressed every query, gave us pros and cons for each home to help make our decision. The closing process was smooth with their guidance and timely reminders all along.Greyson is very detailed, patient, knowledgeable and very easy to work with. We would definitely recommend going with Meg or Greyson if you’re looking to buy a home.

    Alex Anderson
    August 23, 2021

    Meg and her team are absolutely incredible. Despite the extremely competitive housing market they helped us find our dream house and beat out multiple offers to land it. They also worked relentlessly on our listing making sure we were prepared as well as putting together a comprehensive marketing strategy that delivered multiple offers significantly over list price. If you are moving to or relocating within the Raleigh area there is no better team to partner with.

    Meg Bullard I Ensemble Properties I DeRonja Real Estate

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    911 N West St, Raleigh, NC 27603, USA


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