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Portland Creative Realtors

12735 SW Watkins Ave, Portland, OR 97223, USA

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    Portland Creative Realtors

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    12735 SW Watkins Ave, Portland, OR 97223, USA


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    We are a local family of Creative Real Estate Professionals in Portland, mother, 3 daughters and son in law- dad is our web guy! We have been doing super full service 1.5% listings since 2004, we wrote the 150 page insight guide to Portland Neighborhoods, and we have been giving free Portland Neighborhood Tours to buyers moving to Portland, since 2005!

    Our neighborhood guide takes you deep into each Portland neighborhood or suburb and it is chock full of information, including a photo tour we have created for each and every neighborhood and suburb, our personal insights as to what makes each neighborhood unique, description of parks, trails, festivals, history, with lots of photos and links!

    It helps the reader understand how Portland is put together, and how to decide which area would feel most like home! We have also been giving buyers Portland Neighborhood Tours since 2006, so they can get acquainted with the different areas that interest them, and thus be able to choose the best neighborhood to fit in with their unique personality and needs.

    Below you will find some brief descriptions of what we do. If you want to learn more, please go to that page! The Portland Neighborhood Guide is huge, with an index to help you navigate through the different areas. You can choose the area of Portland that you are most interested in looking at, and explore the pages that cover that area! What makes us Different.

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