Best Town Agents is a directory of local realtors in the USA and Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Town Agents is a referral network platform for top producing and locally brewed real estate agents around the US. If you think you are one of the “Best Town Agents” in your city then you should join. We will only keep the best real estate agent and mortgage professionals in here so that everyone who is looking for a referral partner in different cities don’t need to do the hard work of finding a reputable realtor.

We make sure that the agents here have a minimum of 10 reviews with a minimum of 4.3 rating. 

Let’s be honest we all want to achieve a 100% 5 star reviews. Unfortunately there are people who are just hard to please.

Real Estate Agents who have active license in their particular State have gone to a series of background check. 

There are 4 options to join.

  1. Try it for FREE for 90 days. 
  2. Join monthly for $37 of pay annual for $244
  3. Become featured agent in your city within 15-30 miles radius for $97 monthly or pay annual and get 2 months free
  4. Get the Maximizer and get listed in all 50 states. Great for SEO. $197 monthly or sign up annual and get 2 months free

Join now here 

There is no guarantee that you will get a referral but we guarantee that it will help boost your online presence.

  • We have a 90 days free trial.
  • After 90 days your listing will expire and we will then open the spot.
  • We will only list the top 12 agents in every top cities in the USA.

Let us know what you think.

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