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Moving to Beaverton, Oregon-Pros and Cons

10 June 2022

Suppose you are considering moving to Beaverton, Oregon, or are simply curious about the city’s livability. In that case, you may want to read this compilation of life’s advantages and disadvantages in Beaverton for your consideration. 

Given the significance of choice to relocate to a new city, The information presented here should prove helpful when considering a new job, home, or lifestyle.

Pros of Moving to Beaverton, Oregon


Located in Washington County, Beaverton is a mid-sized city in Oregon. Beaverton’s population has been relatively stable over the previous five years, with a modest but steady inflow of new inhabitants each year. There are now 97,012 people living in the area, up 0.3% from the previous year and 4.6% from just five years ago. As a result, the pace of life in Beaverton is sometimes faster than in the neighboring suburbs, while it is not quite as frenetic as in denser urban centers. Trying something new is easy; compared to other places, your dollar goes farther in San Francisco. 

To answer your question, Beaverton is a fantastic location. If you consider education, safety, cost of living, and cultural diversity, Beaverton is near the top of the list. In addition, Beaverton is a beautiful place to live because of the wide variety of opportunities it provides. 

What constitutes a pleasant urban environment is, in the end, a matter of opinion. A smaller city with a close-knit community may appeal to some, while a more significant metropolis with more opportunities may appeal to others. As long as a city meets the needs and wants of its citizens, it is successful. A city’s positives may outweigh its negatives if it offers the things people want. 

Many things contribute to a city’s desirability as a location to reside. Affordability is high on the list of priorities. A person’s housing expenses shouldn’t consume their disposable income. Having access to viable employment opportunities is also crucial. A city’s appeal lies in its ability to provide many employment opportunities. 

Security Around the City

A city’s security is also crucial. There shouldn’t be a lot of crime, and people should feel safe wandering about at night. The good features of the city, like conveniences and comforts, should not be overlooked. A city’s nightlife depends on its availability of a wide range of dining and drinking options. Plenty of parks and other green areas are a plus for any city. 

Last but not least, a city’s population should reflect the world at large. Cultures and faiths from all around the globe ought to be represented. In a town, everyone should feel at home everywhere. If a city satisfies these needs, it’s a good option for residents. 

Cons in Moving to Beaverton, Oregon


In comparison to the national average of 26 minutes, the average commute time for a resident in Beaverton is 25 minutes. Sounds reasonable until you realize downtown Beaverton is only 10 miles from Portland’s. Since it takes over half an hour to travel just 10 miles, vehicles are moving at a paltry 20 miles per hour on average.

High Housing Cost

Although Beaverton is a progressive and remarkable city, rising property prices and the economic damage caused by COVID and violent protests discourage people and businesses from relocating to the Portland region. How quickly and well the area can recover remains from being seen.

Higher Cost of Living

 Overall, the cost of living in Beaverton is 24% greater than it would be in the US. The cost of housing is the primary factor in this increase. 

Nearly twice the national average of $217,000, Beaverton’s median home value is at $ 313,000. City rents average $ 1,338 per month, compared to $1,062 nationally. 

Both individual and household incomes average out to be around the national median. However, living expenses in the Portland area are almost 70 percent higher than the national average.


One possible explanation for why barely half of Beaverton’s residents own their homes is rents are more affordable than mortgages.


The number of people sleeping on the streets in Portland, Oregon, has increased dramatically during the past two years. Trash, graffiti, human waste, and improvised shelters are familiar sights in downtown neighborhoods. As a result of the riots and the cuts in funding caused by Covid, the city’s social care resources have dried up.


The high cost of living and the economic damage caused by COVID and violent protests discourage people and businesses from relocating to the Portland area, despite Beaverton being an attractive progressive community with plenty to offer its citizens.


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