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Moving to Bend, Oregon- Pros and Cons

12 June 2022

Bend, Oregon, is home to one of the most exciting cities in the state. Even now, unique street names that speak to the community’s history can be found when walking around the city. For example, if you go to Drake Park, you’ll be visiting a part of town named after frontier developer Alexander Drake. Then there’s Mirror Pond, a river in the Cascade Mountains. 

When you move to Bend, you should be aware of three things: no state sales tax, a relaxed and easygoing community, and the availability of various gas stations.

While there may be some cons, such as unemployment, driving conditions, and wildfires, there are still plenty of reasons to consider Bend your next home.

Pros of Moving to Bend, Oregon

Great Weather

If you love to capture the sunshine, Bend is the place to be if you are relocating to Oregon. With 158 sunlight days per year, this community has the highest average in the state. The state average is around 105. So even when the sky is cloudy, you’ll have plenty of daylight to go exploring. It is a benefit that contributes to the community’s bright and welcoming atmosphere.

Low Cost of Living

Over the last decade, more people have discovered Bend, causing the home market to experience its bubble. The city’s typical sales price was over $765,000, but if you live on the eastern side of town, you can save around $30,000. In the southeast, it’s even less expensive. Although this is far higher than the national average, it is equivalent to or less costly than Portland or the major cities along the I-5 corridor. In addition, food, utilities, and other basics of daily life will be reasonably priced.

Dog Lovers Haven

There is a healthy population of dogs in the city, and there are lots of locations to have fun with. There are various off-leash areas where you can run about and have fun. In addition, many small businesses in the region, including some restaurants, are pet-friendly. Even at work, these critters are always there, so if you enjoy dogs, you’ll adore them.

Cons of Moving to Bend, Oregon


Because Bend has a population of roughly 90,000 people, there aren’t many manufacturing or industrial jobs available. As a result, finding work might be difficult, especially if you aren’t familiar with the hospitality or tourism industries. As a result, this city’s unemployment rate doubles in any given year compared to the rest of the country.

Driving Conditions

If you decide to move to Bend, you’ll want to invest in a good set of chains or cables for your car. With its location on the eastern side of the Cascades, you’ll have to take either Highway 20 or 26 to access the I-5 corridor. If the traffic is minimal, it will take you a few hours on a good day. However, when the snow starts to fall, and you have to strap your tires, the journey may take 4-5 hours – providing the road is passable in the first place.


Bend’s location might make it a great place to visit for anyone who enjoys an outdoor adventure, but it can also be dangerous during fire season. Although the city is safe mainly due to its location in the foothills, you may encounter traffic delays, rail delays, and the occasional evacuation. In addition, because of the controlled burns and wildfires that occur in the region, the summer can smell a little like burned grass.

The pros and cons of moving to Bend, OR, reveal that this community can be challenging to navigate if you arrive without a plan. Before going here, you should have a job or business strategy. It will also assist you in scouting the housing market, particularly if you intend to buy rather than rent. However, after you’ve arrived, you might find that there’s no more excellent place to call home.


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