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Moving to Corvallis, Oregon-Pros and Cons

2 July 2022

Corvallis, Oregon, is located in the Willamette Valley. The city is recognized for its breathtaking scenery. It is situated driving within a distance of the Oregon coast and Portland.

The invigorating streets are filled with trees, galleries, boutiques, wineries, and museums. The annual cultural events are marked by culture and a fast-paced lifestyle. The city’s activities will surely keep you active. The town has an urban feel, but it also has a glimpse of a small-town atmosphere to provide the best of both worlds.

There are advantages to moving to Corvallis! When looking for plenty of cultures and entertainment, there are several art galleries, shows, wineries, and festivals. Top universities and colleges provide high-quality education and are the center of the community. Its location is nearby several bodies of water that are great for fishing, swimming, and boating. The choices for biking, hiking, and hunting are endless. However, the cons of moving to this city encompass low average age. What does it imply? The town is not geared toward retirees.

 Pros of Moving to Corvallis, Oregon

What are the things to consider when deciding on moving or not? Here are a few pros to know if they fit your needs.

Arts & Culture

Immerse and enjoy yourself in the festivals, art shows, galleries, and culture. You can try live music or productions during the weekend, particularly in the summertime. If live entertainment is not your favorite, you can head to the Corvallis Museum. You will find various exhibits and check out everything from art to artifacts.

Beautiful Sites

Going downtown is the answer when you want to appreciate the beautiful sites. You can take little shops, head to the farmers’ market, or drive in the country. When you take the time to visit these great sites, there is no way you will get bored.

Enjoy historic walking tours, and self-guided driving tours are available. Don’t miss out on capturing some fantastic buildings, homes, and beautiful trees along the way. What other adventures can you explore? How about hunting, fishing, swimming, bird watching, and hiking? These are all available in Corvallis, making it a fabulous destination.

Seeing beautiful mountain peaks is very enticing to go on an adventure. The fresh air and dense forest are reasons to enjoy the great outdoors.


The outdoors of Corvallis, Oregon, is a great place to get away from it all and spend time in nature. Whether you are into hiking, biking, or enjoying the outdoors, there’s much to see and do. Here is just one example:

  • McCulloch Peak Loop This 7-million-dollar punishment will test your limits! Bring good shoes and plenty of water if you plan to take on this challenging adventure that has been called “not fit for beginners.”
  • The Old Growth Trail – This 1.5-mile loop trail is an excellent place for beginners and families alike! The lush greenery provides an atmosphere that’s hard to beat, while tall trees ensure you are protected from the hot summer sun’s rays overhead.
  • Calloway Intensive Loop Trail – Bragging rights are yours when walking on this scenic path with its many features such as streams or kettle ponds at various points throughout your journey, making soak in some fresh water after being out there all day. This is a famous site for birding, hiking, and mountain biking, so you’ll have the opportunity to meet other people while exploring.


For added outdoor water activities, head to pick up your fishing poles, kayaks, and family to explore the close by lakes and waterholes. Here are places to visit:

  • Freeway Lakes – Located within 15 miles of Corvallis, it’s a great location to enjoy some relaxing solitude. Plus, you can catch some large trout and crappie.
  • Waverly Lake – A short drive from Corvallis, Waverly Lake greets you with a giant duck floating in the middle. Stocked with rainbow trout, it’s a relaxing spot to catch dinner.
  • Foster Reservoir – The sites at Foster Reservoir are stunning. In addition to fishing, you may spot a northern spotted owl or western pond turtles during your visit.
  • McKenzie River – Go on a wild adventure white water rafting or partake in some fly fishing. It’s around an hour away from Corvallis but completely worth the trip. Spend the day soaking up the fun, or stay longer and do some camping.

 Tasting Local Wine

Corvallis’wine tasting is a-must! Why? Because it’s relaxing, fun, and a great way to spend an afternoon. Many of the wineries are nationally known for their delicious and elegant wines.

The hardest part is choosing which winery to go to first. But, you can expect a great time, no matter where you go! Enjoy the views, sip on wine, and share laughs with friends.

Comfortable Climate

If you hate being super cold in the winters and melting hot in the summers, you will enjoy the temperatures in Corvallis. During the harsh winter, you will find that the average temperature is between 40-50 degrees during the daytime. Even at night, you can expect the temperatures to stay around the mid-30s.

An average day will be between 70 – 80 degrees during the summer. Enjoy the great still outdoors and little hot you want to stay in all day. The temperatures tend to hang around the mid-50s at night. This is wonderful if you best to camp!


Excellent Schools

When it comes to top-notch, Corvallis is pretty top-notch. Whether you are finding for public or private schools, there are many choices.

These range from a charter, alternative, eight elementary, two middle, and two high schools. Looking for quality education is manageable when you have various selections.

Oregon State University

Oregon State University is the largest and most prominent university in Oregon! It first opened its doors and offered to teach students in 1865. The university is recognized for being innovative and offering high-quality education. Some students come from various parts of the world to earn a university degree.

Head to Reser Stadium, and join the rank of the Beaver Nation with 43,000 other fans. Enjoy watching an OSU football game. These fans are loyal to their beloved team, which is always worth spending a great time with.

Cons of Moving to Corvallis, Oregon

While there few cons, here are some notes to consider that could help you with your final decision on moving to this city.

 Weather Conditions

Do you prefer spending your day outside and under the sun’s heat? If you do, Corvallis’s rainy and cloudy days may frustrate you a bit. Can you imagine yourself living in an average of 159 days of sunshine, below the national average of 205 days?

From November through March, these months are mainly cloudy and rainy days. The gray, rainy months are dreary days when you do not have ample time for outdoor activities.

What do you expect on rainy days? Unfortunately, you can expect approximately 51-inch of rain annually. But, of course, if you love rain, this will not be a problem.

Housing Market Shortage

Do you wonder why Corvallis is a hot spot since it’s a college city? This is excellent for local shops and businesses but can be the downside for the real estate market.

Corvallis has a 43% average homeownership, which is lower than the state and only 63%. As a result, college students have an outstanding possibility to rent. However, in most cases, few of them would plan on buying their home because they think this city is only their temporary residence, and they plan to move to other places.

When it is time to buy a home, you will likely realize that there aren’t as many houses on the market as in other cities. This is good news for sellers because it’s often a seller’s market to get top dollar for their properties. However, you will pay more as a buyer for what you desire. And there little a few options to choose from.

 Low Median Age

The population of Corvallis is relatively young. The average age for someone living in this city is 27! However, it’s a college town, so naturally, there are tons younger than older folks, about 12%. So if your parents are looking for retirement places, you can count on this beautiful city.

Corvallis, Oregon, is a beautiful place with breathtaking mountains and trees. The city has many things to offer, including an exciting housing market that will suit your needs for living in this scenic area! Some downsides might be some cloudy days and low median average, but these shouldn’t pose much trouble as long as they don’t last too long or become Frequent.


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