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Moving to Medford, Oregon-Pros and Cons

18 June 2022

The county of Jackson is home to the medium-sized city of Medford in the state of Oregon. Over the past five years, Medford hasn’t experienced much growth in the number of new residents, but it has maintained a modest, steady rate of newcomers.

Living in Medford has an urban vibe, which can be typically more fast-paced than the nearby suburban areas. The population has reached 86,367, with a population growth rate of 0.6 percent in the last year and 6.8 percent in the previous five years. Typically, it’s easy to discover new activities, and your money can buy a little bit more room compared to other cities. This article lists pros like great weather, green initiatives, adventures outdoors, and low property taxes. However, this also presents some cons like traffic congestion and high rental costs to help you decide to move to your next home.

Pros of Moving to Medford, Oregon


Medford is in Oregon’s Pacific Northwest region but located in south-central Oregon, near the California border. While one would assume it rains a lot in Medford, it doesn’t. This is because it is away from the coastline and closer to California, so you are in the warmer parts of Oregon.

It does not even crack the Top 10 list for yearly rainfall in the United States. However, the cloudy, rainy weather usually stays near the coast, so the sun, heat, and less rain will await you as you travel up the Columbia River Valley.

Green State

In Oregon, you can enjoy the outdoors even if you don’t live close to any mountains or beaches. Each city, including Medford, has followed Portland’s lead in becoming one of the greenest in the world. Energy-efficiency requirements, recycling initiatives, and renewable energy are all available in Oregon.

Great Outdoors

You can embark on various adventures if you decide to call Medford home. Oregon is full of experiences, and if you reside in Medford, you can reach some of the best locations with just a short drive. 

Due to Crater Lake’s breathtaking splendor, the location in Oregon is a decent starting point for a day journey there. You can go climbing regardless of whether you wish to ascend Mount Hood. 

Sandboarding is offered on the dunes in the east, while ranch tours and wineries are well-liked in the center. Don’t forget to see the beaches and coastal woodlands or ride horseback near a lake. Every lifestyle can find something here.

Low Property Taxes

The property tax rates in Jackson County, where Medford is situated, are among the lowest in the state.  Jackson County has the 15th-lowest average effective rate in the state, at 0.95 percent, compared to the 1.07 percent national average. 

The county’s median home value is $ 489,900, equating to an average annual property tax payment for homeowners in Medford of $ 5,193. Fortunately, this is less than the annual property taxes paid by the average American.

Cons in Moving to Medford, Oregon

Congested Traffic

There is a good bit of traffic snarl in Medford. Along with other roadways, the I-5 Corridor experiences traffic jams. You’ll find unexpected areas of traffic if you approach from the east. 

Additionally, it takes longer to reach your location lawfully due to the state’s lower speed restriction (65 mph) on highways. However, the routes are still slow compared to other states’ ways despite the rise in speed limits from 55 mph in 2016.

High Rental Costs

No tenant enjoys learning that their rent will increase. However, constantly rising rent indicates a thriving market and a strong economy. As a result, many landlords are challenged to balance the desire to remain competitive and avoid pricing out tenants. In the Portland market, concentrating on resident retention is a beautiful strategy to create a profitable rental company.

Medford is generally a great area to live if you’re not searching for perfection. People of all ages can find activities in this city; there are many artistic and cultural events and year-round outdoor activities for outdoor enthusiasts. 


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