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Moving to Portland, Oregon-Pros and Cons

20 June 2022


Portland, Oregon, one of the Pacific Northwest’s most energetic cities, is renowned for its gorgeous forests. Additionally, it is a paradise for artists, with huge murals decorating the city with vibrant hues. Portland has four distinct seasons and one of the top food scenes in the country. Even though it is one of the biggest in the state, Portland is a laid-back, welcoming city! This is why so many people are moving to Portland!

Listed here are pros like the great outdoors, yuppies, eccentricity, and cons such as traffic and the rainy season. This article may help you decide to move to Portland, OR.

Pros of Moving to Portland, Oregon

The Great Outdoors

The Pacific Northwest may indeed be the most picturesque region in the country. People who enjoy exploring, hiking, biking, camping, and being outside will find it the perfect location. Indeed, there is so much to do that a separate essay would be required to cover everything.

Yuppies Favorite City

Portland is undoubtedly a city with a younger demographic and is home to many young professionals. Why? This is due to several factors, including a robust employment market, a high level of diversity, and short travel times. Portland is also incredibly artsy as one of the nation’s most artistic and innovative cities. The great outdoor adventure activities in this area, which draw young people in like bears to honey, have already been described. In conclusion, young people adore Portland and wish to settle there for various reasons.

Eclectic City

There are many words to describe this city but attractive, diverse, and vibrant are popular descriptions of neighborhoods of Portland. In contrast to many other cities where cookie-cutter neighborhoods are the rule, Portland features many that weren’t constructed in huge groups. Instead, many buildings are built in diverse architectural styles and can be found from various eras. The outcome is a community that is brimming with charm and attractiveness.


There are 3,593 homes for sale in Portland with a median listing home price of $550,000 at $338 median listing home price/square feet. It is currently a seller’s market and sold for approximately 100% of the asking price on average in April 2022, according to

Cons in Moving to Medford, Oregon

Congested Traffic

If you’ve read Dante’s Inferno, you’re familiar with how congested Portland can get. It’s a daily mess, mainly because the city expanded too quickly. Thankfully, it’s not as bad as Los Angeles, but it’s still not attractive. By the way, Portland’s commute takes roughly 26 minutes one way, which is nearly on par with the national average.

The most significant percentage of workers in the US, nearly 8%, commute to work by bicycle in Portland! The explanation is Portland’s reasonable size and its extremely well-designed network of bike routes and trails. One warning: You’ll need sturdy rain gear to get to work dry and at ease rather than drenched.

Portland Mist

Let’s get this out of the way: Portland and the entire western Oregon region regularly experience long, wet winters. Portlanders endure weeks of nonstop wet, dreary weather from October through May, and most winters include at least one snow or ice storm that will cause the city to be closed down for a few days. Complaining about the weather is a common pastime in the city, but most of us grow accustomed to it and persevere until summer (in July). Purchase vitamin D pills and perhaps a “happy lamp” in the interim.

You’ll probably agree that Portland is a welcoming and lovely city for various reasons. It’s a great city to live in and work because it offers several activities such as outdoor adventures and the cuisine scene.


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