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Moving to Salem, Oregon-Pros and Cons

28 June 2022

You can take use of Salem’s wonderful outdoor spaces if you live there. Additional reasons for a potential transfer include Salem’s near proximity to other significant metropolises and its own developing economy. However, the high cost of real estate in Salem could throw your plans off course. 

The capital of Oregon is Salem, and there are many compelling reasons like location, wineries and activities to consider relocating there. However, there are also significant drawbacks like expensive houses and weather affecting that possible change. 

Pros of Moving to Portland, Oregon

Convenient Location

Living in Salem means more than just being close to beautiful natural areas. Due to its proximity to other significant Oregon cities, the city’s location is also highly convenient. Regular car trips are also possible from Salem to Eugene. Although it isn’t much longer, the drive to Eugene is longer. At most, the trip should take 70 minutes. People are drawn to the thought of residing in Salem because of its close proximity to both Eugene and Portland. As we just mentioned, it is possible to reside in Salem and commute to Portland or even Eugene for employment. 

Activities  Aplenty

Additionally, Salem’s location gives you more choices for how to spend your free time. On a long weekend, you can leave the city if you want to do something different. Watch the Oregon Ducks defend their home field in Eugene or attend a Trail Blazers game in Portland.

Explore the various historical sites in Salem. Visitors can take tours of the Oregon State Capitol and its surroundings. You can visit the observation deck in a tower during the summer to get a better view of the city. Learn more about early settlers’ lives and the region’s industry at the Willamette Heritage Center. 

There are many gardens and parks in Salem. Bush’s Pasture Park is particularly well-liked in the spring when the roses are in bloom, and in the summer when thousands of people travel from all over the country to attend the Salem Art Fair and Festival. Riverfront Park, which parallels the Willamette River just west of Salem.


Salem people gain from being in the Willamette Valley because numerous wineries in the area are nearby. Willamette Valley Vineyards is one such vineyard that provides a choice of cuisine and drinks as well as stunning views of the valley. Left Coast Estate, another well-liked vineyard in the area, serves pizza baked in its own pizza oven alongside its vintages.

Cons in Moving to Medford, Oregon

Costly Homes

In Oregon, houses are pricey. It’s a fact that frequently presents a barrier to anyone considering relocating there. 

In the United States, a new home costs $374,900 on average. That soars all the way to $550,000 in the state of Oregon. Interestingly, compared to the rest of Oregon, Salem’s median property price is lower. Salem’s figure is $425,000, which is still more than the national median, according to

These Salem property prices illustrate how in-demand Oregon real estate now is. If you want to buy a new house as you move there, you’ll have to fork over some cash.


The excessive amount of rain is the one true drawback of Oregon’s climate. During certain times of the year, rain almost always appears in the daily forecast. Dealing with rain on a regular basis may be very draining. 

Unfortunately, the periodic rains do not spare Salem itself. Every year, the city receives roughly 45 inches of rain. 45 inches is significantly more rain than is typical for a city in the US. Most locals don’t really worry about flooding, but you still need to maintain the condition of your house. Additionally, you don’t want to leave without an umbrella. Rain might unexpectedly arrive in Salem even while the sun is shining.

Salem is home to a sizable number of breweries and vineyards. If you ever decide to relocate there, you’ll be happy to have them there. Nothing compares to a seasonal cuisine perfectly paired with a fine wine or bottle of beer. It’s pretty about the ideal way to end yet another wonderful day in Salem, Oregon.


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