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Moving to Springfield, Oregon- Pros and Cons

30 June 2022

You’re in for a treat if Springfield, Oregon, is where you plan to move after this one. Although Matt Groening, the show’s creator, is actually from Oregon, the name Springfield was chosen for the popular TV series The Simpsons because it sounds like an ordinary American town. In addition, the city is known as the home of Nike. Finally, it is known that the groundbreaking waffle sole was created in a workshop in a Springfield lumber mill, a claim that sparked a considerable rivalry with Eugene, the city next door. 

Take the time to learn about some things that make Springfield unique before traveling there to make it your new home.

Pros of Moving to Springfield, Oregon

Cheaper Cost Of Living

The main reason Springfield, Oregon, has a cheaper cost of living than its neighbor to the west, Eugene, is that its housing market is not as active. But take care, prospective homeowners: It might not last forever. 

Springfield’s cost of living is often lower than its neighbor Eugene’s since real estate is more reasonably priced. As a result, there may also be lesser real estate agent commissions in this region. 

Springfield has no sales taxes because it is a part of Oregon. It may be customary for you to learn an item’s final price once you’ve reached the register, but this time, the price on the tag will serve as your final bill.

Healthcare Careers

Due to its ties to the logging business, Springfield has a long history of being a working-class community. But other industries saw job growth in the city. For example, health care professionals can rejoice because the Sacred Heart at Riverbend, the area’s primary hospital, has recently moved there. Healthcare professionals are also employed by the midtown McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center. Along with tech occupations, other employment options include office, sales, and administrative work.

Quick Commute

Traveling to work in Springfield takes about 20 minutes, which is fantastic news for those who commute in the morning. As it happens, that is significantly less time than the country, which is 26.4 minutes, according to statistics from In addition, while a tiny percentage of inhabitants choose to carpool, most decide to drive their vehicles to work. 

Even though not many people use it, you can quickly go to Eugene using the EmX line if you consider going this route. Springfield also has miles of gorgeous bike routes if you’re a cyclist.

Housing market

Oregon’s Springfield is a city with ten distinct communities. Three hundred ninety-four houses are up for sale, ranging from $29,500 to $5,000,000. It is currently a seller’s market just below the balanced gauge of The home’s median listing price in Springfield, Oregon, in April 2022 was $430K, rising 21.1 percent over the previous year. The average listing home costs $296 per square foot. $413.3K was the median selling price of a property.

Cons in Moving to Springfield, Oregon

High Income Tax

While sales tax in Springfield, Oregon is at 0%, Springfield has an income tax rate of 9.0 percent compared with the average in the US is 4.6 percent. Therefore, tax rates may have a significant impact in terms of calculating living costs.

Wet Weather

Fifty inches of rainfall each year has in Springfield, Oregon. In contrast, the average annual rainfall in the US is 38 inches. In addition, Springfield receives 4 inches of snow annually on average. And snowfall in the US averages 28 inches a year. 

On average, 157 days a year see precipitation of some kind in Springfield. Rain, sleet, snow, or hail that falls to the ground is referred to as precipitation.

Despite these manageable cons of living in Springfield, Oregon, this city is terrific to call home since it has conveniences to offer everyone.


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