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Moving to Gresham, Oregon-Pros and Cons

6 June 2022

Gresham, Oregon, welcomes you. A surprise town tucked directly between Portland’s busy metropolis and Mt. Hood’s calm serenity. Gresham is Oregon’s fourth-largest city, but it has the feel of a tiny town. 

Gresham is an ideal spot to raise a family, retire, and enjoy all four seasons. The city offers a solution for any house type or demand.   Lower cost of living, accessibility, a booming real estate market, and energy sustainability efforts are also provided by the Gresham city.  However, there may be some cons in moving here regarding overall safety and population density.

Pros of Moving to Gresham, Oregon

Cost of Living

When finding a new place to reside, the cost of living is an essential factor. Gresham has a cheaper cost of living than the national average and most other Oregon cities. Some places may be more expensive than others on a state and federal level. Still, the general average of housing costs, utilities, groceries, transportation, health care, and miscellaneous goods and services is less expensive.

Easily Accessible

Gresham is a welcoming town only 12 minutes from the Portland Airport, served centrally by the public transportation Max-line, and easily connected by easy access to the freeways. Businesses smile when you walk-in and invite you back, and the magnificent downtown is embellished with many life-size bronze statues and creative art.

Real Estate is Booming


In the last year, home values in Gresham, Oregon, have increased by 17.3 percent. Overall, the cost of living in Beaverton is 24% greater than it would be in the US. The cost of housing is the main factor in this increase. According to, There are 398 properties available for purchase, with prices ranging from $25K to $3.5M. Gresham has a variety of affordable townhomes, condos, multi-family homes, and two-bedroom offerings.

Sustainability in Energy Consumption

A community that has long been known for its unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability has just accomplished a critical milestone in its ambitious energy independence strategy. 

Gresham, Oregon’s wastewater treatment facility produces all of its power as of spring 2015, making it the first energy-independent wastewater treatment plant in the Pacific Northwest and the second in the United States. The renovated plant is estimated to save the city $500,000 annually while also generating $250,000 in revenue from the recycling of fats, oils, and grease.

Cons in Moving to Gresham, Oregon

Crime rate

Gresham has higher crime rates than other Dense Urban Areas nationally and statewide. Almost half of the population considers crime and safety daily. This may be a concern if you live in Gresham or are considering relocating here. Still, several contributing elements to the information available could make it less so.

Population Density

While there is a link between population density and improved quality of life, it is also essential to consider the impact of the environment and stress on each individual. This is a disadvantage in terms of the environment and anxiety, but it is a two-edged sword regarding social and economic rewards.

Gresham has an above-average livability score. This ranking is based on the sum of the city’s data points and criteria, which are then weighted to define an excellent standard quality of life compared to other cities. Education, crime, cost of living, and citizens’ overall satisfaction are all included in the livability score. This is generated as a predictive indicator using our advanced statistical models. You may want to consider these in your next move in choosing your dream home, Gresham, Oregon is quite the option.


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