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Who We Are: AI & Real Estate Digital Marketing Consultants

Jocelyn Wing and Randy Bett are the visionary co-founders of Best Town Agents, a unique consultancy specializing in the harmonious blend of artificial intelligence (AI) and human connection within the realms of marketing. With 12 years of experience, they coach Principal brokers with teams, lenders, non-profit leaders, and business coaches in marrying AI with Human Touch and Face-to-Face Relationship Marketing.


AI Strategy Development for Brokers, Lenders,
Non-Profits, and Coaches:

Customized Planning

Tailoring AI solutions to meet the specific needs and goals of brokers, lenders, non-profit organizations, and business coaches.

Human Touch Integration

Human Touch Integration: Creating strategies that utilize AI to enhance, not replace, personal connections and face-to-face relationship

Integration and Implementation:

Seamless Integration:

Seamless Integration: Guiding clients in integrating AI technologies into existing marketing campaigns to optimize online visibility.

Performance Optimization:

Utilizing AI algorithms to enhance campaign performance while maintaining a focus on human interaction and relationship-building.

Analytics and Insights:

Data Analysis:

Applying AI-driven analytics to provide actionable insights into customer behavior and market trends.

Continuous Improvement:

Offering ongoing support to ensure that marketing strategies remain efficient, effective, and human-centric.

Education and Training:

Education and Training:

Providing hands-on training for teams, empowering them to harness AI while preserving human touch.

Knowledge Sharing:

Offering workshops and seminars to deepen understanding of the balanced application of technology and personal connection.

Benefits of Collaboration:

Specialized Expertise:

Ethical Compliance: Rest easy with a commitment to legal and ethical standards in AI application.

Personalized Connection:

Enjoy a fusion of cutting-edge technology and personal touch, the distinctive approach that sets Best Town Agents apart.

Ethical Compliance:

Rest easy with a commitment to legal and ethical standards in AI application.

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Are you a Principal broker with a team, a lender, a non-profit leader, or a business coach? Are you ready to transform your marketing approach by marrying AI with the timeless value of human connection?

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